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Hello and very pleased to have you here. I’m a network engineer and outdoor adventurer living in the American West. Namely, within the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up in a few geographical areas of the United States but was fortunate enough to have parents that valued being outdoors and took the family on several camping trips each year. The impressions about being in nature certainly stayed with me and I have been trying to reintegrate that into my life as an adult. Much of the content I draft on this site is driven by my literary and visual appreciation of the American West. Hopefully by sharing these experiences I can fortify in others a respect for this unique geographic region.

Other creative venues you might see me on are on my Instagram account, tcp.rst. The name comes from the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which is a network engineering methodology for computers to talk to each other and exchange information. This protocol is used by the vast majority of communication over the internet. For instance, your device used TCP to request all the content of this web page. During a normal TCP conversation, certain flags can be added to packets for various reasons but the funniest is certainly the reset (RST) flag. If you can imagine having a normal conversation with another person and they suddenly scream “No!” and sprint out of the room without explanation. Many of my colleagues jokingly use the phrase “reset” when abruptly leaving a conversation at work. The kicker of this joke is that a RST packet is identified in red, which is the same color of my vehicle sporting this vanity license plate.